1937 Cord Phaeton for sale                                  

The VIN is 1127H

C91 1127



The last owner was King Jamison of Bristol, Tennessee.  He owned it for many decades and was a long time ACD member.

I also have a 1937 Bustleback Beverly that may be available for sale:  http://www.stevesclassiccars.com/1937_cord_beverly_bustle_back.htm

I am open to discussing offers or a package on both cars.  If you have interest, please e-mail me at: steven(at)medcomgroup.com, removing the (at) and replace with an @, or call me at 970-587-0963 ext: 11.

There has been discussion as to what the price of $185,000.00 represents.  That is a completed car.  If you want to take over responsibility as is, or discuss different pricing or terms, I am very open to discussions.  My goal is to sell the car . . .

The car was inspected/reviewed by a Cord Club judge on its mechanical restoration on 11/24/06.  Besides giving the restoration a thumbs up, he noted around 20 areas that would have points deducted on the mechanical side if it was judged today.  They are/were all very minor and easily corrected.  Things like a wrong bolt here are there, the wrong fan belts (these were purchased from a noted Cord supply house.  They sent fan belts that are notched when the originals were smooth, so two points deducted there.) and other easily corrected areas.  He left us with a punch list and we are correcting them.  The car will be as close to a 100 point mechanical restoration as possible.  The interior is being done by Auburn-Cord Restorations, already noted for 100 point restoration work. 

I am selling my 1937 Cord Phaeton.  It is sort of long story, but it ends with my decision to sell the car.  I have owned it for over five years.  It has undergone, is under going, a complete as perfect as possible, restoration. 

December 11, 2006



November 17, 2006

I do not believe in dressing photos for the best view, these are the actual photos of the car as of 11-17-2006 that morning.  I stopped to see Chuck and took these updated photos, The flash makes some areas look poor, remember, it is a flash reflection, and there is rubbing compound splashes on the car.  Please call or e-mail me with any questions.  The convertible top was laid across the top bows so you can have an idea of what it will look like.  The interior is at Cord-Auburn Restorations.  I have already purchased the carper from him.  I will take off $10,000 for the finishing of the interior and another $10,000 if you want it as is where is.  Or contact me.  Thanks -Steven



October 18, 2006:  My posting of photos has become confusing.  I have left what is below to help you follow the thread of information, but here are the most recent photos, the car is very close to being done.




The following is historical information for you.  This is old news.  Just wanted to leave the "thread" for you.

I am motivated to sell the car.  Chuck will finish painting the car if you want him to.  It is very close to being in full paint, I stopped work because some potential buyers wanted a different color, so, I stopped work until a color decision could be made.  I am happy to have Chuck finish painting the car.  He would also finish final assembly for you.  I can deliver the car at any stage of current or future work, I am happy to work with you. 

I am selling the car in as is condition as restoration is progressing-continuing.  My restorer is willing to take over the restoration for the new owner and complete it.

June, 2006:  Chuck has resumed work on the Phaeton.  It should be completely painted and assembled soon.  Let me know at what stage you want the car, or, if you want the car finished, I will arrange to do that for you.

December 8, 2005: I have raised the price to reflect the many recent expensive parts that have been purchased and the additional work completed on the Phaeton.  There is not much left to buy for the completion of the car.  The wood for the frame, the top bows for the convertible top, all the chrome for the outside exhaust has been purchased; and more.  The body is almost ready for its primer.  There has been NO bondo used in any part of the car.  Where needed, lead has been used.  The car should be ready for paint by the end of the year.  - Steven

December 27, 2005:  The car has made amazing progress.  It is in primer and being blocked.  The smaller parts have been painted.  Ford Cigarette Cream Yellow.  The red you see in the photos is spot putty, not bondo.  No bondo ever, just lead and the occasional spot putty.  And most of that will sand out.

January 12, 2006:  The car body has been painted, the windshield is on and the engine is sitting on the frame.  All brakes and fuel lines are in, and some chrome is being put on the car.  It is the color of the Franklin Mint car, sort of a creamy yellow.

January 27, 2006:  Photos below

October 5, 2006:  Okay, it finally looks like a car.  Work was stared in earnest a month ago or so.


January 27, 2005:

These photos were taken 1-27-2006.  My batteries on my strobe died while I was taking these pictures. Sorry.

If you buy the car now, you can  benefit from a decreased price, as it nears completion, I will be raising the price.  I would really like to sell it now, it has been (is) an emotional roller coaster for me.  I may sell by Bustleback Beverly as well.



These photos were taken January 12, 2006:


$135,000.00 as is, and you can take over final restoration from Chuck, or your restorer . . .

Please e-mail me at:  steven(at)medcomgroup.com  Remove the (at) and replace with a @


The following photos were taken December 28, 2005:

Here are the ones from 12/28, it is now in primer.  There is a link to historical photos at the bottom of the page:

Small parts with initial coat of paint. 
Ford Cigarette Cream Yellow.

The S/C exhaust tubing.

The S/C manifold's with new porcelain.

The leather

Historical information with older photos:  http://www.stevesclassiccars.com/1937_cord_phaeton_1.htm